Villanueva Floor MarchSPRINGFIELD – In an effort to increase emergency contraception access on college campuses, State Senator Celina Villanueva championed a measure that would allow college students to purchase non-prescription wellness products at a reduced price in at least one wellness kiosk on each campus.

“Many college students are already facing financial hardships in college due to limited funding and a lack of resources,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “The last thing students need to be worried about is breaking their pocketbooks in order to get proper health care on campus.”

Senate Bill 1907 advances equal reproductive healthcare rights for students enrolled in public institutions of higher education, including those enrolled in community colleges. This legislation establishes the Public Higher Education Act, which would require public colleges, universities and community colleges to offer emergency contraceptives and other products at a reduced price in at least one wellness kiosk on each campus. A wellness kiosk, similar to a vending machine, would offer non-prescription items such as menstrual products, pregnancy tests, prophylactics and emergency contraception.

As emergency contraceptives can be difficult to obtain and need to be taken within a short window of time, this measure directly addresses students’ immediate needs. Organizations like the American Society for Emergency Contraception exclusively work to ensure that all college campuses have accessible and affordable emergency contraceptives available, as they understand the importance of equal healthcare resources being accessible for college students.

“We have to continue implementing legislation that will provide college students with affordable options on campuses in Illinois,” said Villanueva. “The well-being of college students is just as important as the well-being of all Illinois residents.”


SB 1907 passed the Senate Executive Committee on Wednesday and heads to the Senate for further consideration.

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Villanueva FebSPRINGFIELD - State Senator Celina Villanueva championed a measure that prohibits students from changing their guardianship in efforts to qualify for need-based financial aid for college.

“Students that are experiencing financial hardships should not feel pressured to change their guardianship in order to receive need-based financial aid,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “It is imperative that legislation is put in place to ensure that students who are seeking need-based financial receive the resources they need without being penalized due to of their financial hardships.”

Senate Bill 195 is a direct response to previous public reports that Illinois students became eligible for need-based education financial assistance through the practice of "Opportunity Hoarding." Opportunity hoarding is the practice of exploiting a loophole in the Probate Act by transferring legal guardianship from a parent to a relative or friend in lower income brackets or by declaring financial independence.

According to ProPublica Illinois, the cost of tuition, fees and housing for full-time students at public universities in Illinois has doubled within the past 15 years.

 These expenses pose a significant barrier for low-income households who are already struggling with the expenses of everyday necessities versus the wealthy who try to exploit financial assistance not meant for them. As a result, transferring guardianship is not the solution. Instead, students need long-term solutions in the financial aid system that will not force them to deplete their funds.

“Providing equitable educational solutions for students who need financial assistance is something I will continue to fight for,” said Villanueva. “No student should have to miss out on a chance at a brighter future no matter their financial background.”

Senate Bill 195 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and moves to the Senate floor for full consideration.


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imagesCHICAGO - State Senators Celina Villanueva secured over $551,000 for the Hispanic American Construction Association, under the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship programs.  

“Garnering funding to ensure equitable participation for constituents in the construction industry, while also promoting the growth, quality of work, professionalism and integrity of these individuals is something that is necessary in advancing the job force for women and minorities,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “We must make sure residents in underserved communities are getting the necessary resources they need to become successful in the workforce as we continue to fight for a more equitable state.”

Villanueva continues to push for equitable workforce opportunities for residents in their districts, as many Illinois residents are still bouncing back from the pandemic that left thousands without jobs and limited resources. Many people today are still seeking safe and secure workforce opportunities that will allow them to live a sustainable life, while acquiring free training to be successful in the field. 

According to a 2022 survey by Zippia, only 35 % of construction workers in the U.S. were Black or Latino while 58.7% of construction workers were white. In the state of Illinois, equitable workforce opportunities remains a priority. This funding will help combat this issue by intentionally providing misrepresented communities in Illinois with more accessible resources that will lead to more individuals becoming qualified to work in the construction industry, free of charge. 

Over $550,000 will be sent to St. Augustine to stabilize the workforce. Information on the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program can be found here.

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Villanueva Floor Smile 2023 2CHICAGO – State Senator Celina Villanueva was elected as co-chair of the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus. Founded in 2002, the Latino Caucus is designed to ensure equitable representation in the General Assembly and promote legislative action addressing the needs and concerns of Latino/x residents in Illinois.

“As the new co-chair of the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus, I plan to continue the 21 years of service, scholarship, leadership and public policy that the caucus has exhibited in order to advance the Latino/x community forward in Illinois,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). 

Villanueva, who was recently sworn in for her third term as a State Senator, is thrilled to step into her new role as co-chair of the Latino Caucus alongside State Representative Dagmara Avelar. As there is one chair in the Senate and House, Avelar is the House chair, while Villanueva serves as the Senate chair.

Villanueva has been a member of the Latino Caucus since 2018 when she was appointed to the House. She has diligently used her legislative platform to ensure equitable opportunities for Latino/x communities in Illinois by making it her life’s mission to ensure that they are present at the decision-making table and have proper representation on the government level.

“Being given the opportunity to not only bring forth change for residents of the 12th District, but for all Latino/x residents of Illinois, is a responsibility as a leader I hold with great pride and honor,” Villanueva said. “I am glad that the work I am doing is becoming instrumental for a better tomorrow for Latino/x communities across Illinois.”

Villanueva strives to keep constituents updated with helpful information and resources, and encourages people to reach out to her office at 773-565-4661 or with questions and concerns.


CHICAGO - La Senadora estatal Celina Villanueva fue elegida como copresidenta del Caucus Latino de Illinois. Fundado en 2002, el Caucus Latino está diseñado para garantizar una representación equitativa en la Asamblea General y promover las acciones legislativas que respondan a las necesidades y preocupaciones de los residentes latinos de Illinois.

“Como la nueva co-presidenta del Caucus Legislativo Latino de Illinois, mi plan es continuar con los 21 años de servicio, estudios, liderazgo y política pública que el Caucus ha demostrado para el progreso de la comunidad latina en Illinois”, dijo Villanueva (D-Chicago).

Villanueva, quien recientemente prestó juramento para su tercer término como Senadora Estatal, está entusiasmada de  asumir su nuevo cargo como copresidenta del Caucus Latino junto a la Representante Estatal Dagmara Avelar. Debido a que hay una presidencia en el Senado y en la Cámara, Avelar es la presidenta titular en la Cámara, mientras que Villanueva es la titular en el Senado.

Villanueva ha sido miembro del Caucus Latino desde 2018, cuando fue nombrada en la Cámara de Representantes. Ha empleado eficazmente su plataforma  legislativa en el Senado y la Cámara de Representantes para garantizar que haya oportunidades equitativas para la comunidad latina de Illinois, haciendo que su misión sea garantizar que esté presente en la mesa de toma de decisiones y que tenga una representación adecuada a nivel gubernamental.

“Como líder, tener la oportunidad no solo de traer el cambio para los residentes del Distrito 12, sino para todos los residentes latinos de Illinois, es una responsabilidad que tengo  con gran orgullo y honor”, agregó Villanueva. “Me complace que el trabajo que estoy haciendo sea fundamental para un mejor futuro para las comunidades latinas en todo Illinois”.

Villanueva hace todo lo posible por mantener al día a los electores con información y recursos útiles y les invita a ponerse en contacto con su oficina al  773-565-4661  o en para responder sus preguntas y dudas.


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