Equal Pay Day 2024 FB


SPRINGFIELD — Women who work full-time are paid on average 16% less than men – leading State Senator Celina Villanueva to name March 12, 2024 Equal Pay Day in Illinois.

“The gender pay gap is unacceptable – when we pay women less, we are telling them their work isn’t as valuable,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “This day serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and to stand up against a society that has silenced women’s voices for far too long.”

Senate Resolution 774 declares March 12, 2024 Equal Pay Day to further encourage people to educate themselves about the pay gap women experience. The pay gap varies significantly among different communities, and other Equal Pay Days reflect that every group is impacted by the pay gap. The average woman has to until March 12 in order to bridge the pay gap. LGBTQIA+ people must work until June 15 to bridge the gap, Black women until July 27, moms until August 15, and Latina women until October 5. Native women must work until November 30, while Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women must work until April 5 to earn the same as the average man.

“Women are vital parts of society – and it’s time we address equality and systemic discrimination on a legislative level,” said Villanueva. “I will continue to advocate for fair compensation and challenge discriminatory practices until we see tangible change.”

Senate Resolution 774 was adopted by the Senate Tuesday.