Senator Villanueva on the Senate FloorSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) is sponsoring a measure expanding women’s access to healthy pregnancies by requiring insurance companies to cover prenatal vitamins.

“Having access to prenatal vitamins is equally as important as having access to breast feeding supplies,” said Villanueva. “These measures both prioritize the health and safety of mothers and their babies by reducing the economic barriers preventing them from doing what’s best for their well-being.”

House Bill 4338 requires insurance policies that already cover prescription drugs to also cover prenatal vitamins when prescribed by a licensed physician. Coverage for prenatal vitamins will allow policyholders to obtain vital supplements that endorse healthy and sustained pregnancy. While most nutrients supporting healthy pregnancy can come from foods, prenatal vitamins provide additional opportunities to foster fetal growth and development. In addition to this measure, Villanueva is sponsoring Senate Bill 3634, which exempts breast feeding supplies from sales tax.

“Women deserve every opportunity to promote their baby’s wellness at all stages of their pregnancy,” said Villanueva. “Making these opportunities affordable lets Illinois mothers know we have their backs before, during and after their tremendous childbirth journey.”

HB 4338 passed the Senate Insurance Committee Wednesday and now goes to be considered by the full Senate.