SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Celina Villanueva passed a measure to preserve lifesaving reproductive health care as anti-choice action threatens to infringe on people’s rights.

“It is imperative that Illinois continues to shield itself against these persistent anti-choice attacks,” said Villanueva (D – Chicago). “This pending Supreme Court ruling threatens access to vital life-saving care for women throughout Illinois and beyond by limiting medically necessary services.”

House Bill 581 would protect Illinois patients from another likely Supreme Court rollback of reproductive rights by ensuring Illinois hospitals must provide any medically necessary services—including abortion services—to stabilize a patient at risk of severe injury or death. 

While this is currently federal law, the Supreme Court’s anti-choice majority is expected to rule as early as this June in Moyle v. Idaho. This case questions whether Idaho’s total abortion ban is exempt from the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. Idaho has argued that it should be exempt, an argument that, if upheld, could undermine critical patient protections in cases of severe pregnancy complications. If the Supreme Court again strikes down federal protections for patient health, House Bill 681 would ensure these protections remain in place in Illinois and would impose civil penalties on hospitals that refuse to provide lifesaving abortion procedures.

“I am committed to maintaining and reinforcing the measures that ensure the well-being and inalienable rights of women in Illinois,” said Villanueva. “The delicate process of bringing life into this world is already unpredictable. We must safeguard the legal protections to offer lifesaving emergency services.”

House Bill 581 passed the Senate Sunday and heads to the governor’s desk for further consideration.